What Every Business Analyst Should Know

Jakarta, 10-10-2011

What Every Business Analyst Should Know

Here are some knowledge for me that seems quite important for my profession. thanks to the link, http://www.130bbs.com/2010/07/23/what-every-business-analyst-should-know/ .

What Every Business Analyst Should Know

July 23rd, 2010 posted by admin
What Every Business Analyst Should Know

All business analysts should know about the importance of what they should ask when they are analysing the performance of a company. They should also know what the client wants and how their analysis is going to help them, it also helps if they are trained as a independent financial adviser as most business problems tend to hinge on money.

They should try to understand the problems the business they are analyzing, is facing. This is because if they do not understand the problem, then they cannot solve it. They should know that the project program is not going to help in knowing what the client actually desires.

The second step is to know how the business is trying to alleviate or solve the problem that they are facing. The actions taken in the past should also be taken note of, so that you can tell your client what to do. Question your client and find out what they have done previously. You will soon find out what action was not undertaken in the past.

The third step is to question about the resources that the project is utilizing and what are the outside resources that may be necessary for the completion of the project. Make a list of the external interactions taken by the business. This will help you to define the company’s weakness and strength.

The fourth step is to determine a vision for the project. Make a comparision with the one that you have kept in mind for the business. This will help you to ensure the consistencies and find out the parallel outlook. This means that both your vision and your client’s vision should be the same.

The fifth step is to find out about the risks that you forsee and also the risks that you are willing to let your client take. Try to overcome their fears and doubts by explaining clearly about the risk factors.

The sixth step is to set up a time frame for the project. Most businessmen have set time constraints, which in fact affect the progress of the business. Find out the time frame and set up your plans accordingly.

The seventh step is to know about the projected cost of the program and the end user. For this you should collect marketing data so that you can find out what the end user actually desires. Every business analyst should know that to reach the goal is the real objective, and for this he must talk, listen and question everyone who is involved in the program.


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