File Management

Standchart Building, 29 Oktober 2010

File Management


This time I will write about file management. I’ve been working for about 2 years, and since the first time, I haven’t really understand how to manage my work file both soft and hard.

One of the problems usually occurred is the difficulty in finding file(s) when I suddenly need them. I once asked my friend how he managed his file but he didn’t give me systematic-satisfied-answer. And until the day before yesterday I still don’t really manage my files both in computer and on my desk (ups…. hehe).

But yesterday, someone had given me the tips for file management, this is very good. I’d like to thank him. He is a consultant in one of my office’s project. I had meeting with him about the project yesterday, and in the middle of meeting, we sometimes involved in out of business topic-conversations. He tells about his job etc. And I also asked him about file management. All of this out of business topic-conversations are still beyond work code of ethics limit, of course.

So, in the end of meeting, he gave me this tips:

For Hardfile

1. Identification. Make file identification based on the time-needs. Which file(s) do you need immediately? Place them nearer to you.

2. Make your list document. It is good to know what files you already have and saved.

3. Positioning. For the files you need oftentimes, place them in a more reachable place.

4. Sign. Give sign in your documents to differ them one to another. The sign could be number, color, etc.

5. Throw the unnecessary files to garbage once a week.

6. Be consistent.

For Softfile

1. Name your files with: contain & time

2. Create your folder based on priority scale (by giving number in front of each folder)

Well, ok I think that’s all my share for today. Once again I thank to this friend who’d shared me this tips. Hope I can manage my file better now.