Working & Educational Background

Jakarta, 14 January 2010

Working & Educational Background

This morning at pantry, I involved in discussion with 3 other person. The topic is about the right person in the right place in working place. One of the strong issue is, should several positions are filled by the right man from the correlated education background?

I think this issue will always be continued and will never be ended until the sun stop shining. Because there will be people who will say yes and also no. Whether from the professionals or from the HR Department.

From my point of view, both side are correct and are applicabled. One division can be filled by worker with related education background and can be from the not-one too. It depends on the company’s need in that division.

Human is equipped by some natural skills. And then in their way life, they got another skill and knowledge from their education. In one of company’s introduction I attended in my campus, the user of the company said that employee are recruited based on two things, the first is the knowledge they get from their formal education, and second is the ‘knowledge’ they get from their activities in campus. The education knowledge help them in doing their job. But their experiences and their ‘activities knowledge’ in campus help them to survive in working.

Since employee’s interest are different one from another, their abilities will also vary one from another. These abilities – the know what and the know how – will bring the employee to able to do the job whether it is related to his educational background or not.

That’s all my explanation. Wassalam.


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