Living Outside This Daily-Standard-Activity

Jakarta Selatan, 2 Desember 2009

Living Outside This Daily-Standard-Activity

Bangun pagi, mandi, siap2 ke kantor, ke kantor, ngambil air putih, bikin teh panas, duduk manis, buka email, liat pesan, buka my computer, kerja, sarapan, kerja, rehat siang, kerja lagi, sholat, kerja lagi, sore pulang…….. what a rutinity! They’re just emmm…. Boring :).

I think it is nice to have something outside them. Take another activity like a classroom, jogging, walking around with friends, go home (I miss mom & dad, hiks), etc.

I miss weekend so much. Because I’ll have many other activities to do there. Going to Bandung is one of my most top list agenda. I go there almost every weekend recently.

Last weekend, I spend my time in that place, a place where I took my Bachelor Degree, Bandung. Since it is a long weekend, I went there at Thursday. Not by trail or Cipaganti/X-trans travel like I always did (I was running out of ticket), but with a friend and their family. They are nice and I’d like to thank them for taking me with them. I spent the days by going to Salman attending my SPN classroom, jogging at Sabuga ITB, shopping with my brothers, and go for some Kuliners. In BIP, we bought 3 Adidas water-bottle, 1 for me and 2 for my little brothers (have I ever mention that I have 2 younger brothers?). And also several daily-needs tool for my brothers. It’s a fun time.

And for the next weekend, my friend’s wedding is a must to attend. I’ll be her wedding food Coordinator. I’m happy to take a responsibility in her most important day. But next weekend is also my last meeting for SPN (sekolah pra nikah) at Salman. I’ll miss the class =(.

And for the next next weekend? Where will I go? The SPN will be just finished. I probably will go there just once a month. Hmmm….. but there will be still liqo’ in Jakarta to attend. And I hope I’ll find a jogging track as soon as possible.

That’s all for today! Can’t wait for the weekend = )


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