Sangatta, 12 January 2009


The first time I heard about this movie is on a chat room. My friends were talking about it and I don’t really know it. They’re talking about Bella, vampire, how’s the end of the movie, etc. At first I thought it was a thriller one, but it wasn’t, they said.

Few days after that, I heard my other friends mentioned it, which then I know that they have it. And of course I wouldn’t let my self not watching it.

Twilight… Hmm…

It’s a very romantic movie. It is about a forbidden love. A vampire fell in love to a human and vice versa. Edward and Bella, they seem to have several similarities that attract them each other.

This recalls me of some words I ever read. It says that people actually fall in love to their own selves. So the person they fall in love to is the reflection of their selves. They should have similarity(s). I don’t really know the truth of these words but it could be right.

And what is also interesting for me is the way they reflect their love one to another. So… arty. We can see their love only from their nonverbal conversation, only from their body language, only from their mimics. Deep expression. It tells much more than what words can describe.

Both of them, Edward and Bella, are similar; never fall in love before. So once they got the feel, they really into it. The same as what I’m thinking about love between two persons in Islam which is allowed only after marriage. Beautiful. And is more blessed.

That’s all my thoughts about this movie.



4 thoughts on “Twilight

  1. ine kagak bisa menikmati film. mungkin karena gak terlalu suka film mellow. tapi kadang emang, kita merasakan nge klik ma seseorang.

  2. Cha, aku dah lama download filmnya. Lumayan lah cm krg greget aja, kykny karakter aku harus ditambahkan didalamny biar seru dan filmny jadi hidup. sepakat??

  3. To Ine:
    Ciee..ehm..dg sapa niy ne?? anak TI juga kah?? hehe peace ;D

    To Ori:
    Hai madame Ori… assalamu ‘alaykum… ;)
    Kurang greget y? maksudnya cintanya kurang diuji gitu ya… buatku sih Edwardnya cool banget,, hehe,, muji boleh kan… tapi emg byk yg dipotong dari bukunya…trus klo karakter km dimasukin filmnya bisa berubah jadi film ngakak tuh ga romantis lg…hehe…

    Oiya..aku mau donk ebook-nya..Eng ato Ind? he,, yg Indo aku da baca,,tp kirim aj la y ke imelku mau bhs apapun itu,, ngerti g ngerti urusan blkg hehe…
    Tengkyu madame Ori…you’re the best ;D

    NB: nonton film aj muluk kerjamu y…gmn S2-nya? traktir aku klo wisuda y… ;) (kangen kampus niy..hiks)

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