The Jane Austen Book Club

Sangatta, January 2009

The Jane Austen Book Club

Salah satu film yang cukup menarik perhatianku adalah The Jane Austen Book Club. Menurutku, film ini memberi kesan alami, kesan keseharian, interaksi alami antar pemerannya, dan selain itu karena saya juga memang menyukai buku. Film ini sendiri diangkat dari sebuah novel dengan judul yang sama.

Film ini berkisah tentang sekelompok orang, tepatnya 6, yang tergabung dalam sebuah kelompok untuk membahas novel-novel karya Jane Austen. These six persons should be all women, but eventually they can’t find another woman so they ask one man, which is a new friend of one of them, to join the club. Jadilah kelompok ini terdiri dari 5 ladies and a gentleman.

They choose to discuss 6 novels so each of them will responsible to lead one. By the time their discussion runs on, they found that their lives are just the other version instead almost the same with one of the novels. Finally, it influences their decision on their own lives.

What suddenly inspire me from this movie is that I want to have and join a book club too. For me, it would be fun to share our minds and discuss them through a club. It would be a pleasure activity. Whatever the book to be discussed is. Probably that’s why people make seminars, conference, etc. One of the reasons is probably because they want to share their minds, their thoughts, beside the knowledge itself, through the group. Perhaps.

Maybe someday I will have or join this kind of club. A book club..



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